Massage Therapy & Yoga

unwind & relax

Three fantastic, qualified massage therapists to choose from along with our experienced yoga practitioner, all with their own unique styles to soothe, relax and rebalance you.


Relaxation Massage

$90 / hour / 1 person
$160 / hour / 2 people

Great for stress relief, general toning, and promotes a sense of well-being. Full body massage.

Remedial Massage

$90 / hour / 1 person
$160/ hour / 2 people

Relieves muscle tension, eases muscular aches and pains.

Hot Stone Therapy

$95 / hour / person

With this therapy, specially chosen basalt stones are heated in water and placed at specific locations on the body or used to massage. Hot stones are the ultimate in relaxation.

Therapeutic Massages for Two

$100 / 1/2 hour x 2 people

The perfect well earned little treat for the busy couple.

Hi, I’m Rumiko, the owner-operator of Paradise Road Massage and Sauna and I’m looking forward to meeting you in the comfort of your retreat at Eagles Nest Retreat.

For all massages I use Australian jojoba oil, either unscented or with a hint of lavender essential oil. Jojoba is nourishing for your skin, penetrates well and leaves a minimum of oily residue. Lavender helps relaxation and promotes better sleep.

Hello, this is Megumi. I have 8 years experience in a Japanese beauty salon in Perth, Western Australia and have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of massage techniques.

Meridian massage with Acutonics® sounds healing is my current speciality.
I would love to provide massage treatments for you at the Eagles Nest Retreat in this incredible atmosphere. Available Wednesday and Thursday mornings, Sundays and some other hours, please enquire.


Relaxation Massage

$90 / hour / 1 person
$160 / hour / 2 people

Great for stress relief, general toning, and promotes a sense of well-being. Full body massage.

doTERRA Aromatach technique + head massage

$90 / hour / 1 person
$160/ hour / 2 people

Deep Tissue Massage

$90 / hour / 1 person
$160 / hour / 2 people

Ionic footbath + Reflexology

$90 / hour / 1 person
$160 / hour / 2 people

Meridian massage + Acutonics® sounds healing

$110 / 75min / 1 person
$200 / 75min / 2 people

Back massage (30mins) + Basic facial treatment

$120 / 75min / 1 person
$210 / 75min / 2 people

Starting with a 30 min back massage and followed by a facial treatment using Japanese skincare products of lavender or rose.

No better place to relax

A massage amongst our incredible environment is the perfect addition for any occasion.



$90 / hour / 1 person
$160 / hour / 2 people

Fantastic, full body massage to put you in a state of bliss and relaxation. Will also help to relieve muscles and focus on any problem areas you may have.

Hello, my name is Pauleen. I am a certified massage therapist in relaxation and remedial practice. I have many years of experience.

Massage is a pleasurable, drug-free therapy for relaxation, pain relief and general health maintenance.

Would you like to unwind, relax and treat yourself to a wonderful massage in this beautiful, natural environment?

Yoga Sessions

Rebalance your energy and treat your body to a relaxing and enlightening experience.


Relax & Release

$150 / hour / 1 or more people

Spend an hour of indulging in relaxation. Rebalance your energy by stretching with breath. Allow the vibration of the singing bowls to bring balance to your body& the aromatherapy of essential oils to enlighten all of your senses.

Stretch & Flow

$150 / hour / 1 or more people

Take the opportunity to enjoy the art of yoga in this one-hour session. Allow yourself to relax tight muscles & release stress while focussing on mindfulness and reflecting on strength and breath. Enjoy an hour of being all about you and getting in tune with your body.

Delicia is a qualified and experienced yoga instructor. She is the owner and operator of Mind and Body Bar and we are delighted to have her offering her tailormade yoga sessions at Eagles Nest Retreat.

Available Wednesday and Friday afternoons and weekends.

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