Go Wild at Eagles Nest Retreat

Re-wilding at Eagles Nest Retreat

Want to make a difference this year? Plant a tree and reduce your carbon footprint at Eagles Nest Retreat.


Supporting Sustainable Tourism

When you plant a tree you directly reduce your carbon footprint. As your tree grows it absorbs carbon dioxide and helps reduce the impacts of climate change. Trees cost as little as $20 and up to over $100.

Earth Day is 22nd April, and it is a great reminder of the need for all of us to take care of the earth for future generations. Guests at Eagles Nest Retreat have been planting trees as part of their stay for over 20 years.  Would you like to do the same? As a part of our Earth Day initiative at Eagles Nest Retreat for every tree planted by a supporter in March and April, we will match your donation and plant another tree.

If you’d like to plant a tree as part of your up-coming stay please contact us. If you’re a past guest or just a lover of nature we’d love your involvement too. Email Des on enquiries@eaglesnestretreat.com.au or phone 042911517 and choose a tree of your choice or price range.

We’re excited to make a difference with you!

Supporting Sustainable Tourism

Contact us today to buy a tree and Go WILD!

or if you have a Facebook account you can contribute directly

on our Facebook Fundraiser HERE to re-wild the fields

and reduce your carbon footprint.

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